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Alternative ways to get credits
Alt Codes



Buy Credits with SMS - one code for everyone!

Buying Credits with your Vodafone UK, O2, T-Mobile or Orange mobile phone is easy! Just follow the simple three-step process below to get 20 for the price of 10 Habbo Credits.

The whole process would cost 1.00 for 10, plus whatever your mobile operator normally charges you, but this way you can get 20 for sending one SMS.

1. On your mobile phone, write these words: habbo credits 20for10

2. Send it as an SMS to 88222

3. Wait until you get an SMS back from us - it will contain a special voucher code. You must then put the code into the submit box.

If you do not pay your mobile phone bill, please check with whoever does before you use it to buy Habbo Credits. You can only buy 15 worth of Habbo Credits (150) per day with a mobile phone.

Please note: you cannot buy Credits using your mobile if you don't live in the UK.

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